Intro to Cube

Cube is a private space where you can communicate with your friends through short videos. You can make multiple Cubes with the same friend group! Cube can be created and utilized differently depending on the purpose. Only up to 6 people can fit in one Cube.
Let’s make the Cube more fun with [···] button!
You can manage notifications by Cube by using ‘Turn off notification’ so that only the Cube you want gets notifications.
‘Lock Cube’ locks the Cube to prevent other people from entering the Cube with the link.
‘Share invite links’ allows you to add more friends to your Cube by shared links. With a link, friends can easily enter the Cube anytime!
By using ‘Edit Cube information’, you can change the picture of the Cube room images and the Cube name you want.
You can set the your name and profile picture in the Cube by ‘Edit my profile.’
‘If you want to know if the Cube alarm is on or locked?’
You can check the current status through the icon next to the room name in the Cube.
How to make a new Cube You can make new Cube through [+] button Let’s make new Cubes with various friends for various purposes!